I have been blogging for a while now and I have to confess that Damie'Diary is the most I have committed to of my own free will (covers face).

I have been getting a lot of compliments and thumbs up lately as regards the quality of my content ,pictures and the blog in general. I'm super happy,charged and pumped for the next phase of blogging.
I have carefully transformed my blog from what it used to be -a personal blog!- to a full blown lifestyle blog. For my readers who have been here for a while, you can attest to the fact that this blog went in on all issues about me. It was surprising to see how much people were intrested in my relatively boring life. (Covers face)
That being said let's address why I stopped personal blogging and what my plans are. Get ready and get comfortable, it might be a lengthy one.
I talked about how when I started blogging I had no intention of making it a public thing or a big deal in this post. I started blogging in search of a creative space. I was bored from

regular school work, wanted somewhere to rant , somewhere to be me, somewhere I could share my thoughts,opinions and experiences then I found blogging.
Moving on from that, my blog is starting to get attention, I have more people reading -strangers, family, church members, work colleagues and more . That is pretty much the reason why I can't keep on sharing my life on here and let people sit behind their screens and draw conclusions.
However, that being said I miss personal blogging . There are bits and bobs I want to share not cos they are big milestones but 'cos you might find them intresting and helpful. So I'm bringing it back but note that I'm holding a lot back with this new segment.
Look out for new stories everyweek.just like my other series and I just can't wait to share .


  1. Awwnn this is good to know
    I was also nervous about personal blogging when I started my blog but one would be surprised how interested a lot of people are in lives that are laid bare for all to see.
    Heck, it's why Linda Ikeji is there!
    Can't wait to read them ☺

    1. I totally get you, Linda is there for your reading pleasure.....lol

  2. i love the transformation,it really cool.www.missbukkygold.blogspot.com

  3. Keep doing what you do. You're great at it, don't let anyone convince you otherwise!


  4. Keep doing what you do dear cus you do it well and simple. now that's fascinating!

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