I missed an opportunity to wish you happy new month( covers face) so here it is Happy new month! How have you been?  I should do a life update on the blog soon 'cos there is alot of things I'll love to share. Projects I'm working on and things like that.  
Lately, I have been wearing skirts and dresses alot. Before now I thought they were for dorks and SU kind of people ( no offense ) but I have been embracing them more and I think this obsession is here to stay. Remember this skirt from this post? Its my 2nd favorite skirt at the moment too, winks.

 If you are a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, you must have figured out this location. Its pretty easy and for the fist time within a post, I have a little something for whoever gets this location right. Its pretty easy as I have given a very vital hint! good luck