STARTING A BLOG | blogging tips

We haven't done a blogpost in a while. I apologise for that. I just uploaded a video on reasons why you need a blog. If you have been considering it I hope at the end of the video , I convince you to start a blog. Blogging tutorials will be in form of videos now and I hope you love them.


Freedom Hall Abuja is hosting Spoken Word artist Sage Hassan Wednesday November 30 at 7 p.m.


ShoeGarsmLagos was designed as a stylish avenue to introduce Nigerian Footwear brands to people who might not know about this immensely creative aspect of the Nigerian economy.


I took the plunge earlier this year to get shave off all my hair, I recorded the whole process in a video here, it was a fun experience and I wrote alot about my journey in a few posts on the blog,  click here to read. I recently got a wig from a lady on instagram Adaroah and I have gotten alot of…


My most emabarassing video & Revealing dirty secrets | CHANNEL UPDATE

ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK | Damie lately 4

I joined the train of weekly vloggers. If you missed my previous videos, I work in a digital agency and we do a lot of and audio. To challenge myself weekly, work on my editing skills and get some practice in I decided to try vlogs out. This was fun to put together and I …