I have been raving about travelling for a while now, don’t know when my bank account will be as fat as I am to permit me to travel but I have decided to share with you in this post some things I miss about the beautiful city Jos.
If you are new to the Damie’s Diary Blog, welcome!,I hope you stay around enough to join the squad on facebook and youtube too. Last year I was posted to Jos to serve my country and it was quite an experience . You can read some life lessons here, my jazz Jos story here and check out my NYSC camp video here.  I also wrote an article about the unique things about plateau here just to mention a few.
Very recently I got an email from Lizzy Sati a popular radio presenter with Rhythm Fm and it had me reminiscing on the things I miss about Jos. So I have decided to put it all together in one post which can also be described as the reasons I want to go back to Jos.

 Nothing, I repeat nothing beats the awesome Jos weather. Before I left for Jos, I heard stories about how cold jos was but underestimated it ‘cos according to me “ its still Nigeria and there is no way the weather will be that cold”. The weather out there is perfection! If I was to head back to Jos today , the weather will be my first reason.

There is an awesome market in Jos, Zaramanganda. You can get food for the cheapest price ever. As a girl born and bred in Lagos, buying a bucket of tomatoes for #200 seemed impossible. Within my short period in Jos, I added so much weight from eating good food and living easy life, see how big big my face became here .Also, they have a wide variety of fruits out there at unbeatable prices. The food is definitely a reason to go back.

 Jos it a city of talents yet to be tapped, yes I said it. While I was in Jos, I made friends with  few radio presenters, events hosts, comedians, musicians to mention a few. Here’s what I realized , people out there are creative, they are walking talents yet to be tapped. I don’t know if its the environment that makes them that way but the talent there is amazing. I had a very small clique of friends asides my corper friends and I love how they motivate each other and support each other when needed.

Yes , you read right. Life is Jos is chilled out. Nobody wakes up 4:00 am to go to work like Lagos. I loved life out in Jos, affordable housing, cheap food and constant power supply. The major problem the city had or still has is security and that we all know can’t be compromised. The city is coming back strong and I can’t wait to go back.

Jos is a city of tourism .The best part of Jos tourism is that it is cheap. I documented my day out at the Wild Life22 park here as photographed by Pascal concepts. It cost me only #200. If you are in Jos for the weekend, check out the Wildlife park. 


  1. Wow, Jos sounds like such a relaxing place to visit. I've heard about how cold it is there and I've always been curious about it haha. I feel like if the security issue is sorted out completely then it will certainly attract a lot of tourism. Nice post Damie. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Thank you Demilade for stopping by and Yes Jos is a chilled out city


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