Its a rainy Saturday and the girl has got a cold, sadly. Today's post is not about me and how the weather is making me feel but about you, the blog and the content that will be coming your way as from now. I celebrated three years of blogging here and we turned 4! a whopping 4 but for some reason I was too busy with life to celebrate or even mark it.
Blogging for me started like a joke, a journal, a diary but now its growing daily and its gradually turning into a business. I was reading this post here about falling in love and this was immediately after university when I was getting asked about marriage which prompted this video  about things ladies hear after University and this video about how to enjoy your single life. What am I driving at, I have learnt to share a lot of things online, whether I agree or not this is my diary and I have grown an audience by telling stories about me, life and my country in general. 
About a year ago, I had a series on my blog called "Dear Diary" . This episode was published every Monday at exactly 12:00 am . It was a straight from the heart write up where I shared experiences, thoughts, ideas and lots more. Whatever happened to dear diary? The Damie's Diary audience grew and I became scared, I was scared that I was sharing too much so I took that back and focused on the blog being a lifestyle blog. It has only taken me so long to realize that my audience wants it and its an identity of the blog. 
Other series that disappeared include Life lessons, my week in photos,reviews to mention a few. Which brings me to the changes on the blog, all this missing series are coming back.I have taken breaks before, tried to figure out myself, find my purpose but online media is what my heart evolves around and we are back in full speed. 
Currently working on the Damie's Diary brand with a team so when I say we, Damie's Diary is no longer just me. I want to share with you the new schedule for the blog, but I also want you to see the changes and observe. I don't want to make promises and fail.
Series that are coming back : Podcast, Dear Diary, OOTD,blogging tips to mention a few. You'll  see them and be proud of the girl. 
My question for you. Are you as excited as I am?