Graphic tee c/o Tinto Concept
Graphic T-shirts is an essential that everyone should have in their collection. These tees not only show your sense of humor or style with reference to what is written on theme but they turn heads and make you stand out in the crowd. 
For a long time  I stayed away for graphic tees 'cos I thought they were for out going people but the irony is anyone can wear a graphic tee it all depends on what is written on it or how it is designed. 
This tee was gifted to me by Tinto concepts check them out on instagram and when I saw it I was quite skeptical about what was written on it "Last Clean Shirt". I asked the director if I could get another and he said " no, we are bringing you out of your comfort zone. More-so, this is a great conversation starter"
I wore this shirt on Easter Monday for a stage drama that was performed in my church and I must say, it really is a conversation started as people kept on asking me if this was really my last clean shirt. I felt shy for a moment as I thought people were thinking all my clothes were dirty but contrary to that they found it hilarious.

Do's and Don'ts of Graphic Tees

Don't wear T-shirts with offensive/obscene graphics/text.

Don't style your graphic T-shirts with busy/distracting bottoms. You want your shirt to be the centre of attraction so keep it simple.

Choose carefully about where you are heading too before wearing that tee. As much as people will laugh over your shirt, they can be judgmental. 

Keep it simple, don't over accessorize. 

Graphic T-shirt: Tinto Concept
Jeans: old( Lagos Island Market)
Shoes: Atmosphere


  1. Graphic tees are great conversation starters indeed. I don't actually own much, or any that i remember of but this just reminded me i need to.


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