I started a writing on facebook and now its turned into a series. I'll put further information on here really soon. I have copied one of my recent articles titled "you failed, you are not a failure" . Its a rant about what happened to me recently

After a satisfying walk with Omotolani Badara from the office to the bus stop, I finally boarded a danfo It's time for #danfoseries. I'm still trying to figure out a name.Tolani and I spent most of the time talking about different things and I drew a few conclusions which I'll love to share but first a little story.
I made an attempt at something, decided to try a new way to explore my creativity, break new grounds but sadly I failed woefully.I failed and in that moment of failure permit me to say I saw things,heard things and at a point was humiliated.
Have you ever been told the story of your life or have your skills been compared to that of a half baked brat? I'm sure as Nigerians we've had our fair share of these moments.
The former Damie Alabiwould have cried, felt bad but I took a moment to speak life to the broken me, I reminded myself of the love God has for me, how I was made in his image and I show forth his light. After this, I reminded myself of all the things I can do, skills, the creativity that runs through me. I might have not done well in a field but there are lot more I'm good at and one failure will not drag me down.
-That you failed at one thing, just one thing doesn't make you a failure. You put in more effort or ask yourself if you are in the right place.
-Always remind yourself of the love your creator has for you and how you are made in his likeness.
-some harsh/rude/mean words might just be to help you be better. Learn the lesson and move on.
-Make positive declarations to yourself /your life.