I stopped writing on Facebook 'cos things here have changed. Things have changed from a connection of friends and family chatting and looking out for you to a bunch of people stalking and monitoring each other. 
Looking back at my posts from 2012,they were genuine even though Facebook has decided to remind me of how bad a writer I was back then. Back then,updates were unfiltered,genuine ,written from the heart with no intent to impress. If I was at Abule-Oja ,I'll geotag unlike now that all we do is geotag posh places like lekki .
Social media has changed everyone's lives. We live and check the well being of the next person through social media.I'm guilty as well, I see a friend after a long time and say " I see you have been enjoying o!, dropping us freshness on instagram" lets not forget that the person is only putting his/her best out there. 
We are quick to blame things on the circumstances around us,like traffic, distance, work etc but we need to understand 1 minute phone call with the free credit your service provider gives you will go along way. You can brighten a person's gloomy day with a text message . Imagine flashing an old friend, he or she will probably laugh and wonder why you remembered him/her then give you are call straight up. ( I know I would) 
Its Thursday AKA #throwbackthursaday, lets throwback with love and affection to the people we miss, people we haven't seen in a while, people we have been planning to visit ,people distance has taken away and say hello before unforeseen circumstances takes them away forever and we wish we made that phone call or paid a visit.
With Love,
Damie Alabi.

PS:I wrote this on facebook 


  1. It's funny but the only geotags I see are Lekki and environs.The things social media is doing to human beings.


    1. Social media is taking over people's lives, we are looking for verification on there and its unbelivable. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Hmm... Social media gives relationships a whole new definition. It's important we stay true to ourselves.


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