Dear diary, its been a while.
 Before I get into details about this stage of almost adulting, lets do a quick life update. 
I left my job, yes I had a job. It was supposed to be a creative job as my job title stated "blog/media specialist" but it quickly became a whole lot of things that I couldn't explain and I began to lack productivity. Lets pick that up and discuss before we move on.
 In February, I got a paid employment in an E-commerce company as a blog/media specialist.In summary, my job description was to create content for the website, send out emails, liaise with contributors we all know what these things are like. I did that for a short while then I started to get targets of bringing in a client a day, making money, bringing in advertisers and more.Basically they added the role of a marketer to my job.I didn't mention ,I also created videos for this company.Its a great thing I did all those things as I learnt a lot but it was tasking and I wasn't fulfilled. 
I am a passion driven person,if I do something I like/love, my productivity level will wow you. I loved my job when it was just my job minus the role of a marketer and video production specialist. My home girl who was my colleague Tolani at work called me to inform me she was leaving too. she was or rather still is the social media manager but like me she also became a marketer and graphics designer. Lets just call her a one-man digital agency . 
Which brings me to the labour policy in Nigeria, we have people fighting for our minimum wage to be #18,000. My question is what will you do with #18,000? . As a youth corp member back in Jos, I wasn't even balling with #19,000 and it leaves me wondering how people with families and bills to pay survive. 
"Adulting" is a word I didn't know existed until I went for service year. As a young girl, I looked forward to being my own woman, making my own money, living in my own house ( I already did and now I am back at my parent's) but here's what I didn't know- I didn't know adulting was so hard. I had my major adulting moment when I lived in Jos and I had to stock up my house at the end of every month with food, pay my bills and also plan my life off the little stipend the government paid. 
Adulting really doesn't come with a manual, you learn on the way and grow as you move. Planning my week, planning my money, saving and all that is a task.
 I miss my years of irresponsibility,the years I didn't worry about bills or monthly budget and I just winged things . I lived life without necessarily worrying about anything. Now the girl is growing, growing into a woman.
I am proud of the woman I am becoming daily. I undoubtedly have my flaws but I am getting closer by His grace( God) to my permanent site. 

Are you at that stage of adulting? what are your thoughts on it ? and what do you miss most about your years of irresponsibility?

Please drop a comment, I'll love to know!