I have been off the blogging scene for about a month and thought what better way to come back than with a life update to bring you in a little and not just give excuses as to why I have been gone.
If you are new here, "Hi, I am Damie, you can learn more about me by visiting the about me page  and know me a little bit better via this video too" . Now that we have that settled, lets get straight into this life update.

*coughs* *takes a deep breathe* *smiles* *giggles* Its alot of mixed feeling going on here. Nothing really has been happening in that area. I have been great, maintaining friendships just well and living my best life. 
You know how a girl starts something or rather a guy starts something with a girl and they think its the last busstop, they think they are going tosell asoebi and Gbam! trailer smashes that dream. Well, that happened but the girl is fine and looking on the brighter side. 

I got a job at an E-logistics firm in Feburary , I didn't talk about it on the blog 'cos I wanted to gain ground small( be established) but due to certain reasons that I will probably talk about in the near future I had to leave. My friends Tolani ,Jerry and Simon left almost immediately. One major thing from that is I learnt alot and even though I have a few shady things to say about where I worked, I loved the people( my colleagues) and I learnt alot.
After I left my job, I began scouting for possible ways to make money or just how to turn my skills to money. I set up blogs for a few people and made good money off that. You can check my blog consultation page here and read their testimonials here

If you follow me on Instagram which you should its @damiesdiary  you will know that I am back in school for my Masters programme. There really isn't much to say about that one but there is a lot of gist and I will leave that for a full post in the near future. 

I will be launching a bag line in August.It has been my dream for the longest time to have a merchandise made out of passion and sheer love with my name on it. The best part is I thought myself to make bags. I talked about in my latest youtube video here
One of my bags was inspired by my blogger friend Tosin Olaniyi, you can check out her blog. I am working hard on the collection and I just hope it comes great and successful. 

I have been a terrible blogger in the first half of this year.I was too caught up with things and life in general that my blog wasn't a priority anymore. Funnily, as I write this post, I remember how much I loved blogging and the feeling is beginning to take over me. I won't make any promises but I am here now.

My friend Opeyemi Famakin and I started a podcast together 2 years ago, its is one of the coolest things I have ever done or being a part off. If you haven't heard of 1RP check out our work here and our episodes on soundcloud
What happened to One Random Podcast? we kind of went on hold for a while. When this decision was made, Ope and I worked full time jobs and it wasn't easy balancing and out time schedule was just all over the place. That's our reason but we hope to find a way to record even when we are apart. I also didn't mention that our team grew, we had 2 awesome people join us on the podcast. 

I have been focusing a lot of my energy on the vlogs, they are so fun to make and the feedback/responses are amazing. I am enjoying the world of youtube . I hope to create more content on my blog and YouTube channel.

I will do a post sharing my expectations for the next quater and plans generally but I hope you enjoyed that quick update, I didn't leave anything out! 


  1. Great that things are working out for you, and great job on the vlogs. Warm greetings and best wishes always!

  2. Ooh welcome back Damie! Seems like you've got a lot going on. Good luck with school and I look forward to seeing your bag collection. Also just followed you on Insta, would be great if you followed back! As for your personal life, as cliche as it sounds everything will be okay :)
    PS: You're in the Zikoko videos right?

    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Thank you, I can't wait to show you. Yes I am in Zikoko videos

  3. It's good to have you back. Life happens like that sometimes, we just gotta keep moving forward. Looking forward to the bag


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