You see the third blogger drinking fanta like it will disappear!, that's me. :)
Before coming to my blog, I visited some of my favourite bloggers and bloggers that have been blogging for as long as I have and one phrase I saw alot on their blog is "I know its been a while I have been here". I was going to use the same sentence but lets switch it up so it doesn't seem like I copied them " you know its been a while I have been here" I know that was a terrible remix but lets manage my failed attempt to copy. 
So I fell off the blogging radar. You probably thought I was going to make a paragraph around that sentence but no, I think its rude to bore you with what happened and what didn't. Here's what I know and what is for sure, I am creating content right now and I want to keep it going. I apologize to my loyal readers, you know the love I have for you is like cowbell milk- I am a loyal fan to cowbell milk, its the only milk that goes down my throat.
Over to the topic of the day WHAT INSPIRED ME TO START BLOGGING AGAIN- the answer to that is fellow bloggers. when I started blogging back in 2012, there were not as many bloggers as there are now and there was definitely no community of bloggers. This lack at the time till about a year or two ago made bloggers strangers to each other. Now bloggers are best buddies, they hangout together,travel together and lots more. 
Yesterday I joined a whatsapp group of bloggers called the TBA Bloggers Support Group, and I can't begin to explain to you how motivated I am to start blogging again. I joined not with the aim to be inspired but just cos it seemed right as I am a blogger. ( no one put me up to this) There is so much love, support in the community that it becomes overwhelming. I was so inspired that I went out, got a whiteboard and drew my blogging calendar( I have a tutorial coming up on that) 
As individuals, bloggers, creatives we all need a little push in the right direction, when you get that push don't restrain,just go and have fun along the way. 



  1. Dammie welcome back. I hope to get my mojo back as well!!

    1. Thank you Tosin, we are waiting on you to get that mojo back

  2. Currently on a blogging break yet said group keeps me in the loop. Looking forward to reading great content from you. Welcome back Mami Yo!

    1. Babe!!!!!! the group in my opinion is a mojo booster. Thanks girl

  3. Tell me about this group girl.
    Welcome back dear. I love the blog layout and theme. Stay here the world needs you.

  4. Thank you for this😍 I would love to join the group on WhatsApp. Would DM you.



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