Have you ever felt hunger to the level you begin to see a fly that isn’t there? Yes? NO? Well I have . This was back when I was serving in Jos and our Alawee wasn’t paid on time. Gosh I was broke but that didn’t make it to social media because no one wants hear that and I don’t want to be know for that. 

What makes it to social media? Fun and interesting moments, owanbe parties, graduation pictures, pictures of expensive trips and more. Before you begin to judge me, we are all the same. We don’t share our struggles on social media rather we share the best part of our lives. Back in 2014, I made a video talking about social media and real life, I compared and concluded that you shouldn’t take all you see as true.

Truth be told, when I am jumping from one danfo bus to another in this sunny Lagos, I don’t have full face makeup. If I film a YouTube video and I am heading out then I will leave the house with that makeup but the chances of getting to school or wherever I am heading looking glam is low ‘cos Lagos weather will not let me shine. As you are reading this, take a moment to evaluate yourself and you’ll discover that you often times take about 15 pictures only to share the best after editing with all the apps you can lay your hands on.You only share the best experiences too, I won’t judge you but you’ll judge yourself on this one. 

I’m not here to complain and say social media is bad that you shouldn't be a part of it. As a content creator,I am grateful for the internet. It has given me a voice and a platform that traditional media wouldn’t give me so easily. The internet is a blessing in more ways than one.

Why are you using social media religiously? To connect with old freinds , stalk people, share your expetise on certain topic, seek validation or just waste time.

If you are stalking people or wasting time, you might want to consider a social media detox and connect with people and things around you that matter most.

With Love,
Damie Alabi.