How to tie TURBAN for beginners

Turbans have been my favourite over the past year and the major reason is it frames my face well, gives me a classy look and of course its perfect for a bad hair day.

Nigerians Try Spicy Noodle Challenge Damie alabi x Omogemura


How to sew AUTO GELE with needle and thread | Gele series by Damie Alabi

Happy International women's Day

4th Edition of the Ladies hangout: Hangoutwithtee!

A FUN afternoon out with the girls!

DIY 9 Non-toxic Cleaning Solutions

We all know that the industry presents to us numerous kinds of cleaning products, however, many of them are based on chemicals and could have a harmful effect on people. So here are some home cleaning solutions that will help you maintain your home safely cleaned. We are even taking things a level…