The general notion about youths is that their career begins once they are through with their NYSC and they are already in the job market. But the truth is that if we wait till we get our first jobs before we start building our career, then we are not proactive and we are allowing the economy dictate our career paths. The truth is a lot of people out there know what they want already. They already have a plan in their head based on the course they studied but that may not necessarily be what they will do after school due to the economic situation and competition in the labor market.

Lets start all over

Let me start off by dusting the cobwebs on my blog, its been a while I have been on here. One day turned to a week, a week turned to a month and we are where we are right now.
I do not want to be one of the bloggers that say life has been happening cos nothing has been happening I have just not been feeling inspired , the irony of it is when something big or small happens, I want to share with you on this platform but then again.