Project Renew is a give back project organized by the C.E.O of Viesan Media – Hon. Olawunmi Oyedeji, and it is aimed at renewing the minds of the average Nigerian, empowering unemployed youths, and the people at the grassroots.

Project Renew is a three (3) pronged event, which starts with:
-          A seminar that focuses on the areas of family, finance, etiquette, career, healthcare and politics.
-          A workshop to train the participants at the grassroots in various skills that can be learned in short while, to assist them in gaining a level of financial freedom.
-          A talent hunt tagged “Show yourself” where teenagers, youths and young adults can display their talents in various areas and the winner goes home with a cash price and other freebees.
Target Audience – teenagers, youths and adults
Date and Venue – 17th of September 2018, swan hall, national stadium, Surulere, Lagos.
Time – 10am
Mission – organize a one-day workshop and seminar to reorient the people at the grassroots in the areas of politics, business, family, finance, social development et al in the morning; and at mid-day hold training and empowerment programs for the attendees to help them become better and financially independent people in the society. All of these will be communicated in any language that they would understand and they will get a certificate of attendance. Followed by a talent hunt to encourage budding talents in Lagos State.
Vision – To encourage the attendees and show them that everyone has something on the inside of them that can be used to positively influence and improve the society. We are organizing the project in all the L.G.As in Nigeria starting from Lagos in order to combat poverty and corruption at the grassroots.
She believes that we can all contribute our little quota to the development of the nation, one LGA at a time and one state at a time as little drops of water makes a mighty ocean eventually.