Blog Consultation

Hi there, I'm Damie Alabi and my aim is to save you the trouble of trial and error in blogging.
I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger, podcast host and  photographer.I have been blogging for about 4 years and I have gone through the process of trial and error, made a few mistakes, learnt from them. I started my blogging series with the sole aim of helping new bloggers be on top of their A-game and bloggers be better bloggers.
Over the years, I have helped a few people start up their blogs, watched it grow and also re branded blogs for a few people as well.  With the increasing demands of this services and blogging tips, I have decided to make it official.


Starters kit is  aimed at helping bloggers define their niche, clarify their purpose and also understand their brand. 

Things included in this kit:
  • Post schedule planner
  •  Printable blog planner with  public holidays and celebration dates
  • One on one conversations via phone calls.
  • we set up your blog together and give it a direction/purpose
  • special blogging freebie package

Are you a blogger and you really are not sure about how your blog looks or what you need an insight into how you can develop your blog in general? then this is for you.

Included in this kit
  • An extensive blog theme and layout review
  • Constructive criticisms
  • solutions to points noted
  • A follow up mail on progress
  • One on one conversations via phone calls.(optional)
  • special blogging freebie package
Are you tired of how your blog looks? you want to be known for a certain style but you aren't sure how to go about it or you just want your blog looking chic and professional. This package is for you.

Included in this kit
  • Blog clarification 
  • Header design ( with your direction)
  • Full blog transformation and customization
  • Full widgets installation
  • Adverts banner design
  • special blogging freebie package
    Header designed for a Beauty blogger
With blog consultation, you can pick multiple packages and get a price slash or state exactly what the problem is and we will take it from there.
 This kit is subjective as the problem discussed will vary from person to person and solutions stated cannot be the same.

 Are you ready for the big change.....lets work together to make you a better version of yourself as a blogger