Nollywood:the untold

 Hey beautiful people,
I know I have done this before but it was compiled and edited by a friend so .......enjoy
Merely hearing the title of a Nigerian movie you can tell the inspiration for the movie,the story,the star actors and actresses,producer,director,location.......(Am exaggerating right?) But its basically the truth.
If you don't believe me,let's test ourselves with the following movie titles
-Azonto ghost
-midnight call
-Blackberry babes
-Aso Ebi
-Beyonce and Rihanna
You'll agree with me that you can tell the story line and probably two actors in each movie "gan-an"
Now we are done with the title let's define the role of some actors/actresses in their movies....... Ready?
-John Okafor(Mr Ibu) role- a dumb man,poor with problems to battle with every day and is always a comic character. Star movie-Mr ibu
-Patience Ozone(mama G) role- the wicked mother in-law or step mother. Star movie Mama G
-pete Edochie- the wicked and evil brother or uncle.
-Olu jacobs-the calm king.
Jim Iyke- the temperamental boyfriend
Tonto Dikeh- the bitch
Just to mention a few. You think am wrong go watch their movies.
I totally agree with you,this is what they are good at but I think am tired of seeing the same people doing the same thing in movies with different titles. Abeg try new faces,new roles,new story lines.
FLASH NEWS: Nollywood is the Largest producing movie industry in the world. My question is "how many movies are award winning?" .
There you are reading through your Ipad,laptop,blackberry,nokia, techo(its now android am happy for you) and your wondering this EKITI geh, what can she do? Yes I can't produce movies but I can talk and things will change.(Sticking tongue out)
"Beyonce and Rihanna" giggle if you have seen that movie. Starring Omotola(beyonce),Nadia Burari(rihanna) and Jim iyke(jay ).as much as I don't want to criticise the movie, all I can say is WTF. Omotola n Nadia fighting over Jim Iyke. On a lighter mood, Nadia got Jim in reality though.
There's a movie I do not know the title but I remember yul edochie had been in the bush all his life and when he was found he could speak fluent english with swag sef, "u wey neva see human being how u take know english"?
I love this Nigerian movies they are interesting and very predictable so u don't have to stay till the end.
Nollywood is improving though, watch out for my top 5 movies,they are my must see movies of the decade.
(Just like in primary school) I hope I have being able to convince you and not to confuse you that nollywood needs help. Thank you.
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