Alarm!! Dear Alarm can't you wait a little, just a little? I was at a romantic scene in my dream,you just had to spoil a good mood that might never come to reality *sad face*
I grumble for about 5 seconds,snuggle and finally sit up. Unconsciously ,I take a walk around the house in search of nothing I guess that's what happens when you're not fully awake.
Its first of August wow! Babe has to pray kia-kia(quickly) I say my prayer,thank God for last month and my not received wishes (you know how it works) and then set out for the day as early as 4:00am. Well my allowance is due so I have to be a good girl.
 I can leave these chores for these children(my siblings) I said to myself.... A voice said "lay good examples for these children. So I decided to do all the chores, which I did with songs of thanksgiving playing through my earpiece. By 6:00 am I was through, good Ekiti girl I said to myself, preparing my husband's house(African Mentality).
There I sat on my favourite chair waiting for everyone to wake up and compliment my work(if I hear).Unluckily, I fell asleep  and my dad woke me up"your still asleep?" He asked. What? didn't you see me working (hold on, am I drunk, stoned or high) think of the allowance .with a smile "no Sir, I was meditating" I replied politely. Good morning daddy*kneeling* "good morning,God bless you" and the morning went on and on and no one said "well done" haba! I did all these chores when you were sleeping. I asked mum "Did u see I did all the chores?" And she replied "yes I did, and I said well done in my head".I thought to myself yes you did, am sure I heard!.
Am here on my blackberry with an extremely low battery,typing as the spirit leads. As I expected,my bbm was filled with "Happy New Month" messages or for the lazy contacts its "HNM" and politely I'll reply "thanks,happy new month too" even though I might not mean it.
The Power Holding company of Nigeria decided that my area should be happy or,I should charge my phone and complete my gist or rather its time  to pay the bills, so the power supply was ok today 6hrs(on a normally its 5-10hrs in 2wks) "NEPA" don't rry we'll pay you for your lack of power supply and incompetence.
Holding my phone waiting for the bank alert.
Thanks for reading.
Wishing you all the best this month! And for the celebrants, I prefer garri cake as I am watching my weight and high I.Q level.


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