The Sunday therapy

"Long life is the reward of the righteous; grey hair is a glorious crown" prov. 16:31 - the Holy Bible 

All roads lead to different churches,temples and places of religious activities. For what reasons if I may ask? Businesss,socialisation, show off or to worship God?This is not a sermon,it's just a mere write up on my observations,so lets do this together.
Happy Sunday,sorry I forgot to mention that earlier. I woke up to behold the beautiful morning, said my daily mini prayer and picked up my blackberry only to see my recent updates flooding with religious display picturesI wasn't surprised its the norm on  social media that on Sunday's everyone goes spiritual, right?
The one I saw this morning that triggered this post, was a BBM status - "God,don't let my nightmere come to past" seriously? If you don't  want a dream you pray/tell God  about it not your friends on social media.
What happens during the week, you are to busy to post an inspiring picture,a verse from your holy book? But not to busy to post " barbecue party loading...." . Currently, all national television stations are airing gospel music videos, programmes , sermons its Sunday,what do you expect ?
God wakes you up everyday and you only remember him on Sundays , we all owe him a little more.
You probably think am painting myself as a holy girl , I am guilty too. Here's the good news, am working on it, what about you?
My theory of Sunday therapy states : on Sunday,people remember God.
Have a productive week. Check in for D.I.Y tutorials during the week.