I trust you to give me full support when am tired, carry me for as long as I want , spin me around until I fall asleep. Your arms are always opened to me, I feel so comfortable with you, your soft, tender and patient qualities make me look forward to each day with you oh! Office chair of mine. How else can I describe my chair for you to understand  I love this comfortable chair.
As I sunk into my chair this morning after a stressful  journey to work, I realized how much comfort and convinience I get from just sitting on this seat. 
After 3 weeks of consecutively boarding the danfo bus I can say " Lagos is not so easy to live in".  Often times I saw these rugged buses ,the ever yelling conductors and rude drivers but didn't think I'll have anything to do with them. 
I had a post once on my first ever danfo bus ride, read it Here today am breaking it down and carefully explaining a danfo bus  based on my experience .
This will be in my next post, I have to go , please check-in early tomorrow for my experiences, fun and bad expieriences.