My first day at work

Happy new month , I hope it's not coming late. I had an amazing time yesterday, the love ,messages etc made me feel like a mini -celebrity. So thank you guys, you totally rock!
So as part of my journalism course, I have to work at a media house to enable me understand the business world and put to practice the theory am being taught in school.
So I started today, I woke up 3:30 am to prepare for work that starts by 8:00 am. Even with that I got to work late, I could not beat the traffic  so my new media attachment, it's an advert firm, really  cool with happy and welcoming workers , funny and interesting too.
Am still finding it hard to come out of my shell( the invisible one that makes me shy in public) but I'll survive I know it. 
There are different spheres of advert, I didn't know until now so advert is quite diverse. I'll  choose one soon. 
So back to my place of work , I have my own desk, a computer. I must confess I am quite nervous but I like this place sha!!