Blogger of the week: ICELAW

Happy new month!!!!! 
I'm so excited, not that its my birth month buti just have joy radiating through me. 
Today's blogger of the week  is Steve, male fashion bloggers straight from  Naija.
Below is an interview with him enjoy ......
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Tell us about yourself
. Am Chiemela Steve, Am a  3rd year Student of Biochemistry...MOUA, Umudike, ‎I was born on the 10th of August in Owerri, Imo state...Making me a proud LEO
 In a female dominated sector, what inspired u to b a male fashion/style blogger
 ‎Well, I used to read blogs like Bucandy Blog, Trendy Rammy Blog, Cassiedaves, Melody Jacobs Blog, and lots of others...But I had set backs like Having a nice background to take my pictures and I am not really a fan of photo shopping my pictures, But I really got inspired when I stumbled on, i loved her style and I also learnt she is based in Nigeria.. So instead of copying what other bloggers posted I decided to post my outfits that makes me be original to some extent.
What defines your style
 I can't really say what defines my style, I just wear what i feel I would be comfortable wearing....But most times I get my style inspirations from pinterest, Fashion Beans and others I can't really remember.
Your idea of a perfect weekend 

4. Well my idea of a perfect weekend if you could permit me, I would like to describe two perfect weekends... 
The first is staying at home with Stand by electricity and unlimited Data Access cos I have a lot to do online lol..
The second is Mmmm going for a Mini  holiday in Jeju ‎Island, having fun and eating
movies or music

‎5. When it comes to movies am a freak, especially K-DRAMA....I also like Racing Movies, am a big fan of the fast and furious franchise..Music wise I listen to rap, blues, i still do our Nigerian Afro beats...My favorite acts include Lil Wayne, 2chains, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Mmm YG ma nigga lots of them, I can't even mention cos they are too many. I virtually like all Nigerian Artists.

As a blogger what are your observations, set backs and aspirations
6. Being a blogger in the female dominated World, sounds awkward, but I also try to run along,..One of biggest set backs is Getting Blog Traffic, but I think I have devised a means to increase my traffic though, I aspire that my Blog would be a Household name like Linda Ikeji Blog.

Hobbies/dislikes/ personal interest
7. My Hobbies Mmm....Surfing the Net, I love reading sha, Photography I took after Dad...I hate dishonest people, When it comes to my personal interests I have a strong passion for photography, Music, i also love arts...I draw most times.
 What would you say makes "icelawblog" stand out
8. ‎I believe ICELAW BLOG stands out cos I just do my stuffs the way it pleases me...
 Just like other readers are curious, what inspired the blog name "icelaw"
ICELAW is my nickname, it was coined during my secondary school days, then I was the Clerk of the Junior Student Representative Council, My Friend then the speaker of Senior SRC was bearing D-Law so I coined ICELAW...Though most times I prefer the short form Ice and I swear it has taken over my real name.

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  1. Amazing look!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know!


    1. Will love to and i'll check out your blog. Thanks for visitng

  2. His style is simple but smart.

  3. will check out his blog

  4. Damie great work with your blog. the idea of bringing new blogs to us is great.i read his blog normally

  5. amazing interview!:) all his outfits are so cool!♥ I follow you on google+ and I liked your facebook page with my personal account (Petra Lorencová) ;)

    Lorietta Facebook page

  6. Aww Good for him for being a male blogger...especially in Africa! He pointed out certain things I take for granted-like constant network access!
    Will check him out as well.

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