My week in summary ; fuel scarcity

Hey guys, how's the weekend going? Mine is freaking short, everything happened so fast, before I knew it, the time was 6pm Sunday evening. What can I say? I WILL SURVIVE .
I think I'm dome with this fuel scarcity wahala. Haba!!!! Kilode!!!  A country rich in petroleum and other natural resources. It's no news that fuel has been scarce in Major filling stations In the western part of Nigeria( which I reside ). 
Let me briefly narrate my week with reference to fuel scarcity. Last Sunday, I spent the early hours of the morning at the filling station on an unending queue all for fuel. Monday through Saturday , the price of public transport went up ny 100% . I practically spent all my money transporting myself last week. 
To round things up , I took a walk down to the nearest filing station to buy fuel for our generator, as expected there was a queue , after waiting for a long time, it was finally my turn( takes a deep breath) The petite , rude attendant asked "how much"  yelling , I replied " 500 naira". It's a norm that you carefully look at the fuel pump , guess what  she sold 3.88 naira petrol, I told her " I said 500 " she replied saying " that's how we sell it"  the rest is history......
There are a couple of things I want to say but I reserve my comment. I can only hope for a better Nigeria, a better ruling system.
One question for Mr president , don't you wish Nigeria will look like the oyinbo man's land?  
Please feel free to express your thoughts on fuel scarcity and it's effect on you?will love to hear from you.