Danfo: Moral lessons.


Living in Lagos is not complete without the Danfo experience.
Danfo buses are painted  yellow buses with black stripe . The danfo mode of transportation is the fastest and most accessible form of transportation in Lagos. Although these buses are not comfortable but are readily available everywhere in Lagos. The bus routes are easy to understand but the conductors are very rude, the buses are rickety and the drivers do not obey traffic rules.
Literally you enter buses at your own risk.
I had my fears the first time and I wrote about my first experience HERE  but now I'm a pro (lol)
 On the average. I have entered danfo for 4months abd from my observations here are the  lessons I have learnt:
Moral Lessons

Be attentive  :the conductors mumble words together, I entered a wrong bus once. To avoid thia, be very attentive.
Be alert: the bus-stops are filled with different kinds of people touts, area boys etc.
Be tolerant: the bus seats are very uncomfortable, people practically squeeze each other into the bus, so it's best you tolerate the next person or you won't enjoy your ride.
Be brisk and  energetic: just like you there are people waiting for the next bus, the faster you are at rushing into  the bus, the better for you. Also, you'll have to learn how to jump into a slowly moving bus or jump out. I haven't tried this yet and I Will never.Note: it can be really rough.
Have foresight: an average danfo has a faulty brake pad, so it takes longer time for these buses to park at bus stops which means you'll  calculate where the bus will stop, position yourself there to have an added advantage of entering the bus time.
Be familiar with small Naira notes: conductors never have change, so before you board a bus make sure you have the exact amount of money or else you'll have to remind the conductor every minute for your change .
Know the bus fare before you enter.
Always have extra money: bus fares are not stactic, always have extra money for the unforeseen contingency. I have entered a bus  for #500 instead of #150 'cos it was the only bus available .
Wear comfortable  shoes: why? You dont want to break your leg running after a moving danfo.

I hope my lessons help you.
Thanks for reading.