OWANBE | ankara crop top

The ankara fabric keeps evolving over time and with the current trend of crop top, ladies have taken ankara to another level.
This stylish trend is very classy, chic and also sexy ( hmmm.) It can also be worn with out having to reveal so much skin yes but one must be careful so as not to make unforgivable fashion errors. Maybe when I don get flat tummy and fine abs I go try am but if you have the body and you are daring try this look.

http://artbecomesyou.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/bgbjs7wcmaeegg1_1_.jpg  http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/6e/be/b0/6ebeb08d85e0edc5707b8b8fd57d7cad.jpg
 a more conservative look.  
which of these looks is your fav. and will you ever try this?


  1. lovely styles
    full details here

  2. Love! I never thought of ankara crop tops before. Can't wait to get my hands on ankara material so I can sew something like this. www.ironyoflhurve.blogspot.com

  3. lovely look

  4. I love 'em all. Lovely post


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