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Online shopping( clears throat) please take your cup of tea or if you are like me and  you do not like tea then grab a bottle of zobo or soft drink as I will be talking about online shopping, bank alerts and how I survive. The convenience of online shopping will not only run some people down but it will make them bankrupt.

Shopping here in Lagos is not something I find very fun, first off the malls are always so crowded with people who have no intention of buying, yes oooo in case you do not know. So shopping at a mall is not something I would wake up in the morning and add to my to-do-list.This automatically means I do not plan shopping; if it fits and I have money I buy finish.
Why I'm I talking about online shopping today? its my new addiction. Yes I confess 'I'm addicted to online shopping but I control it'. First off  lemme let you know that I do not shop from Nigerian Online stores, they are too pricey Kilode!!! Maybe if you recommend an affordable site for me I might try it out.So I do my online shopping from stores abroad and I do not mind waiting 2-3wks for my item as long as I get it in good condition.
I recently got a job as a content developer for a website (dancing shoki) I never understood the feeling of getting paid at the end of the month until now.Even though the money is not a million dollars, at the end of the month when there's a long wish list and gbese it feels so. So I love bank alerts as long as someone is paying into my account.
Here are some tips on online shopping and wise spending that have helped me

  • Verify the website.
  • Be careful if the offer looks too good to be true.
  • Contact the seller to be sure the item is still in stock
  • If the option is available, pay on delivery.
  • Read through the reviews before you place that order.
  • Ensure you read through the specifications of the product and be sure.
  • Ensure you are spending within your means, do not buy what you can't conveniently afford.


  1. You're not the only one. I also have a shopping addiction and online sales are especially my weakness especially if the item is cute. But congrats on your new job! I'm following you now. justaise.blogspot.com

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