Easy fights to avoid in a relationship

 Fights in relationships seem in inevitable especially if there is a nagging partner. Your ability to discern common or rather simple fights before they occur will keep you one step ahead and help you save whats left of your relationship. In this article are some common reasons for fights in relationships and how to shun or prevent them from destroying you and your relationship.
  1. Money:in relationships a lady wants a man who can provide and who basically has a bright future while a man on the other hand wants an independent woman. The question at the end of the day is "how much to you contribute our relationship" whether its a basic relationship or a marriage. How do you avoid this? talk about money first of all, make sure you both reach an agreement on how much each person should bring to the table at the end of the month and ensure you both are working, with this either partner has no reason to nag since its an agreement.
  2. Jealousy: when the word jealousy pops up people often tend to think of the female in the relationship but in reality both partners are quite vulnerable. its very important for you to understand that your partner has chosen to be with you and you have no reason to be jealous. Jealousy is avoidable trust me.
  3. Sex: sex can either break or make a relationship,it all depends on how far you choose to use this tool. In a relationship/marriage one partner often times desire sex a little more than the other, if you feel like the weaker one in this situation its advisable to sit your partner down and discuss this with your partner before it destroys you and your relationship.
  4. The past: people often times say" i do not care about your past, as long  as I have you". You know you just said that to make your partner happy and to live the moment but you secretly go digging up their past. Its their  past you are the present you should have nothing to do there. You have to understand that the past cannot be changed and you should get over that.
  5. communication: most breakups are caused by lack of communication and from this mini fights come up. Effective communication is key in a relationship and also you have to listen to your partner whether its a man or a woman we always want to be able to talk about our feelings, bad day, new gadget. so take out time to listen and respond to your partner.
with this basic knowledge up your sleeves evaluate your relationship now and work on it. Please share in the comment section simple fights you experience in your relationship or ones you have observed in peoples relationships.


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