My Blogging process

This is originally not the post I decided to share today but I came across something very similar on Brenda's blog and Cassie's blog so here I am with my blogging process.

I love to jot down ideas, I write a a lot so my blog ideas are often times jotted down but not planned. This jotter is always in my bag anytime any day so I can write down ideas once i'm inspired by anything I see.

For my pictures, I use a Nikon L320, its a light weight camera with amazing specifications and its very affordable. Often times getting people to help me with my pictures but once I get an opportunity I make the best use of it. Sometimes if  the pictures don't come out well they don't make it to the blog.

I do not have a laptop, sometimes I use my brothers laptop to get my pictures on blogger and publish with my ipad. On my ipad I use the "blogger" app and on my phone I use the "bloggeroid" app.
For quick edits I use this apps or open it in my safari brower. Finish.
 That's basically my blogging process.
Have a great weekend


  1. Welldone Ernie

  2. Nice. I will have to get back to my blogger app. I haven't used it in a while. Your blogging process is similar to mine. and Thanks for sharing


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