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This hair made me the most famous girl in class last week. The question I had to answer all through the week was "Damie what hair is this?" My facial expression and reaction to this question often times sarcastic 'cos them no ask me last week when I do kiko.
So I have decided to review the hair that has made me famous in school.First off when I reply that its X-pression Multi, people always look surprised and why buy expensive when you can get quality right?

Does it shed? no it doesn't , the hair stays intact.
curls: the curls are small and cool and they do not fall out.
Price: its quite cheap,1 costs #500 and I used 2.
maintenance: its quite simple, all I do is pull out the curls with my fingers, shake my head and add  little bit of spay, thatzall.
Does it stink ?:No
Does it smell: No.
short comings: I won't really consider this a short coming but I thought it was a weave-on but It turned out to be a form of braid so I had to sit for hours. 
 Will I buy it again?: definitely, I consider this a good buy and I totally recomend it.


  1. For the price it is nice and worth it.

  2. cool and nice

  3. Wow! Where can I buy it from . Am just hearing and seeing it for the first time. Plz direct me to where I can get it . Thanks

  4. Mary, check your local weave-on retailer, I assume its easy to get.

  5. great post :)
    Have a nice day:)


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