20 random facts about me + life update

Oh! my dear diary, how much I have missed you but as you know no be my fault, na life do me strong thing. For a moment I thought of writing this post in pidgin English but I'm not so sure some people might understand and read pidgin fluently. Where have I been? well................

I have been tied down with the different phases of my life, it almost seems as if 24hrs a day isn't enough for me anymore. I have been working on my final year project, my job( i-yab.com) ,final year celebrations here and there and above all SCHOOL. I thought as a final year student I will be free but it seems my lecturers want to kill me with assignments and work this semester "haa haa, nah only me waka come?) I will survive as I am counting my days( dancing shoki). Basically that's what I have been up to and I'm back now!
Happy new month to you, I wish you the best of life this beautiful month. Over to 20 facts about me.

  1. My name is Oluwadamilola Eniola Alabi. You can call me Damie, Ennny, Damilola, lola but I prefer Oluwadamilola.
  2. I love food especially my Nigerian foods. I know everyone claims to love food but mine is with a special effect and yes! yes!! I am  addicted to my Nigerian foods, The last time I traveled to the UK, I ate only Nigerian food but hunger wire me ehn I chop KFC. Either ways I'm addicted to Nigerian foods.
  3. I rarely switch consumable brands. It probably sounds weird but I'm a loyal customer to a brand I start off with.
  4. I hate bad customer service. This is one of the things that has led me to the course I currently study in the University. Nigerians generally especially the market women do not understand the essence of good customer service. If I get a bad treatment from a company, I'm done!!!!
  5. I have a Bsc in mass communication from the University of Lagos.(2015)
  6. I love to draw, sketch, scribble even though i'm not good at it. This one I think I got from my mom she draws well. I tend to draw when ever i'm bored so yeah. I draw.
  7. I hate chocolates. yeah! yeah!! I know right, how can I not love chocolates? I'm not the random girl on the street or in movies. I do not like chocolates dunno why but it doesn't go down my throat
  8. I'm obsessed  with shoes and bags. Shopping i and not getting a dress you love in your size can be annoying but bags and shoes are never and fail you. Also these pieces add instant glam to your boring outfit.
  9. I'm an introvert. I grew up in lagos, a boring estate where you do not know your neighbors I guess that's what influenced that aspect of my life. I have friends who drag me out and I like it small sha, But I love my private time.
  10. I'm love bright white rooms and also I'm obsessed with home decor
  11. I make my own hair/wigs.
  12. I love soul,jazz and juju music, you might consider it boring but its deep baby.
  13. I have a note pad I carry around to write all my thoughts and ideas.
  14. I love travelling and I hope travel round Nigeria before I'm 22.
  15. I love giving compliments.
  16. My nicknames growing up were:" grandma" "polite insulter" "labilago" "chinese dami" "chinko damie" "chubbytalker". Growing up as an orobo, wasn't easy and fun.
  17. My favourite colour is white,
  18. I love plantain and anything made from it. I never miss an opportunity to buy my "boli and epa" (roasted plantain and groundnuts)
  19. Asides blogging, I make youtube videos and I love it.
  20. I love special moments with family and friends. 


  1. oya drop a compliment for me cuz i've got one for you: "your BEAUTIFUL"

    1. awww, thanks dear. will drop your compliment on ur blog

  2. Me sef i want that compliment tooo, you are beautiful


  3. Gadget freak.....you've not met me that's why I put the freak in that statement. The only BS we need in our lives are bags and shoes

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