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First off I'll like to apologize for my blogging inconsistencies, I'm currently writing my final exams in the Uni and  I need full concentration. I promise to be make it up with some fun posts and videos.
I found this funny video on youtube and decided to share with you today, how many boyfriends should a Nigerian lady have and why?
According to the ladies in this video, " a lady should have at least two" and other said 'just like computers, a lady should have a backup boyfriend" 

Please I'll love to know what your thoughts are on this, so kindly drop comments below.
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  1. first of all small pikin is still worrying these fools. Notice how dey look. Ask a real lady this question and get real answer,these are the type that marry when they are 40 thats if they find anyone.

  2. @CHIDINMA OBINNAKWELU, I think you have missed the point; it is just crazy fun. Thus, no need for name calling. Women can have fun just like men. Just go and ask them how many girlfriends they should have and you will see—just saying.

    @ Damie, Good luck on your final dear and have a wonderful holidays! Thanks for sharing.


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