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My love for photography, arts, drawing etc has led me to do quite a couple of things. I remember the day I went for a photography training, there were a lot of classes like wedding photography(which a lot of people went for) , street photography , portrait but I went for nature photography and I loved it. I’m still yet to get the DSLR of my choice i.e a canon 600D but it won’t stop me from capturing good moments.
I was going through my pictures and I saw a couple of [pictures I took and I have decided to share with you today.
NOTE: All these pictures were taken with my mobile phone ; Blackberry Z10.
Quick life update: my exams are coming along well I’ll be through by Thursday then I can
drink and twerk  
 thank God in anticipation for excellent results.
My birthday is coming up really soon
, topping my wish list this year is the canon 600D from Jumia .In case you want to make my wish come true,
. I’ll love to know your take on these pictures and of you will like to see more of them trust me I have tons and tons on my phone I can’t wait to share.
Enjoy the pictures.

My fav. time for pictures, Sunset
green and whiteIMG_00002847


  1. The images are amazing, I love the sunset... Waiting for that moment to capture mine

    1. Thanks Steve. Please feel free to share when you do.
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. you really do well with this


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