DEAR DIARY| I Can't walk

Ladies ehn!, we can form when it's not necessary. The way we form is as though whole world is staring at us and on the contrary we are just being  self conscious.
Oops! Where are my manners? Happy Easter, hope you are having an amazing holiday. I bet this is the longest weekend you have had this year Friday all the way to monday.
Over to the reason for this post, I rarely wear high heels the highest I feel comfortable and confident in is about 3" .None of my super high heel is my perfect size the ones that were just perfect are now small and my younger sister is so fast that she measures how long till I drop a shoe and boom! She's rocking it.
For a weird reason I feel I haven't fully hit puberty (consfued) abi how else will we explain the fact that my feet is still growing?
So yesterday was a special Sunday, I decided to look extra fab with a leather  skirt, spaghetti strap crop top and a blazer. Chic right? I felt super cool. To finish the look I had to go for my 5" beige colour shoe. I don't remember the last time I wore this shoe but I just had to. The day before (Saturday) I had practiced how to walk in this pair of heels I even watched a couple of videos on YouTube. It went well and I was confident that I would  walk like a model in church and turn heads.
Of course I did turn heads in church but not 'cos I was walking like a model but like a robot. Oh my! I was embarrassed, I could hardly move my feet. It was like each step had weights attached to them.
People had different reactions in thier faces, some like 'who send this Babe now' others like 'shey nah by force make person wear heels' a few people were pitying me 'eyah, poor girl and she just won belong'
My face was displaying different reactions at the same time. I just kept on thinking 'God don't let me fall', 'heel to the ground first' ,' 1-2,1-2, careful ' 'how far am I from my seat', ' I'mnever wearing this pair of shoes again', 'my leg hurts', oh! I'm turning heads', 'why are people staring at me' .I got to my seat in one piece and didn't leave my seat until the end of the service.
Asides my church over consciousness, the service was amazing and I had a fun day with my siblings ,driving round town and chopping life.
I know you guys have my back always so help me out, how do you walk like models in those super high heels?make shame no catch me again


  1. Heels on women, I have no clue how y'all pull it off though.

    1. Permit me to say the grace of God, Blogoratti. Thanks for visiting,

  2. lol funny post babe

  3. Hahaha, I can't help but laugh. Heels are just killer. Both in the best and worst sense!

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

    1. I agree with you Bash,Thank you for visiting.

  4. Dammie you never seize to amaze me. Nice post dear


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