Hello there...... I'm Damie Alabi by name not "damiesdiary" thank you! The "Damie" in Damie's Diary is my name and Diary is a regular word just like journal.
I know right, this is awkward but I guess I'm tired of people addressing me as damiesdiary... in my mind I'm like "Damie is just fine, thank you".
Anyway... away from the name issue, the big day is here. By big day now I mean my convocation not my wedding . Remember I mentioned this a few months back that I was excited 'cos uni was over in my happy days are here post? well here is even a bigger reason to be excited.
In the past, well I mean all through my life I have never had a big party or a reason to be the celebrant not even a small birthday party.I really do not know why but it just happened like that.
I'm excited.
I'm probably the worst planner because I didn't start planning early enough but lets go through my checklist together.

  1. WHITE DRESS: ;With spring trending on social media, I got inspired that a white dress and floral heeled sandals will be the perfect look but I'm yet to get my floral heels. If i dont get them, I might change my whole look. If you know any online store that does same day delivery or pickup , please let me know. 
  2. INVITATION:All invitations have been sent out to close family and friends, I do not know why I have that feeling that I forgot someone, If its you and you are reading this please no vex. Take this as an invitation, By the way of you ( yes I'm talking to you reading this) are in Unilag that day abeg turn-up. Its weird but I want to meet some 'unilag' readers.
  3. FOOD: ;As some of you might already know, I'm from Ekiti state and our signature food is pounded yam which is loved by a lot of Nigerians. That's all I'm going to say about that. So food has been settled.
  4. VENUE: That has been settled too,
  5. DRINKS: How will there be food without drinks, people will just kill me. If you are expecting alcoholic drinks oga just buy your own when coming, It a family tradition,.... no alcohols at our parties.
  6. HAIR AND MAKEUP: &I did big braids yesterday( check it on snapchat: damiesdiary). Ever since I started wearing wigs, there has been no turning back but for a change I decided to do braids + NYSC camp is next week, I can't be brushing and styling weaves. For makeup.... I'll be doing something mild, I don't want to look back 20 years from now and ask myself what I was thinking.
  7. PHOTOGRAPHY: that has been gracefully settled.
I believe these are the most important things to be done and most of them have been settled. I will do a post on now to plan an event on a low budget which I did 'cos I'm very meticulous with money.
Check me out on instagram and snapchat;@Damiesdiary.  I'm always on there everyday. so catch up with me when I'm not blogging you know where to find me.
If you think I left out some important things in my checklist , please tell me so this can be a huge success (takes a bow) thank you in anticipation.
Have an amazing week.


  1. Congratulations on ur big day ahead.

  2. Congratulations on your graduation from the university and best wishes for a joyous celebratory convocation party. Pounded yam sounds yummy, I'm sure you will look stunning in that white dress, and thanks to no alcohol you'll have happy clear memories of it.

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