Lagos is an amazing city to live - the food,culture ,music,fashion and lifestyle in general is second to none. A lot of people love to brag about how they were born in Lagos,how they know Lagos but Lagos is an evolving city and this has led to the new youtube series I have started- THE LAGOS GUIDE.
The aim of this is simple to bring to you bits and bobs of Lagos .  A lot of  topics will be discussed on the Lagos guide webisode ranging from house hunting, food,shopping. fashion amongst others. Please take a moment to watch the video and also subscribe to my channel(its free!!)
With reference to my previous videos, I got feedback that 8mins videos are too long. so that has been fixed all of my videos are between 4-5 mins with exception to this one which is 1min. I have made the videos super short, straight to the point and fun so you don't have to worry about internet charges or MB
FInally, on the Lagos Guide Webisode, I will be featuring some experienced set of people to also help discuss some of these topics. It could just be you reading this right now, so when I write to you kindly accept, Thank You in anticipation.
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  1. Looking forward to explore lagos with you.

  2. i'm crazy about places in Lagos. nice.x

  3. Hello people, I saw this tourism app named “Eko Tourist” on Playstore designed by a Nigerian and it provides a complete tour guide to Lagos showing Places, People, Festivals, Events, Hotels, Hospitals, Brands, Beaches, Parks, Restaurants, Cinemas, Schools, and other things across Lagos City. It seems to be of great help, so I felt I should share. link


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