Long blogpost. It's not something I will usually do but the situation was beyond me.
I mentioned in my last dear diary post-Hausa men want me that I was on a long road trip to Jos,I'm not home yet but I will be home soon to get ready for life in jos
For the past three weeks I have been 'confined' 2999 other copers within the NYSC camp premises located in Mangu LGA, Plateau State. It's not as bad as I made it sound but that's the best way I can describe it.
It's amazing how we have become friends ,enemies, confidants and mere acquaintances.
I'll fill you in on everything that happened in a video on my YouTube channel and a blogpost soon. These three weeks have been life changing,exciting and quite stressful. More like I experienced a whole new world .
I have learnt a couple of things, I see life differently and I'm working on changing certain things about myself.
I have learnt to observe things and people a little more, listen more and talk less amongst some other things I will share with you in this post.
    • A LOT CAN BE ACHIEVED IN 24 HOURS: Waking up at 4:00 am to prepare for the day with barely enough break in between the hours if the day.Before the NYSC camp, my wake up time was 6:00am mainly 'cos I had nothing to do - I was on a long holiday.Now I wake up at exactly 4:00 am and somehow find it hard to force myself to sleep so I engage in house chores and prepare for the day.
    Finally, I can say I have successfully overcome procrastination.
    Destiny can't be changed: Now it's time for a quick confession- I tried to work my NYSC posting to a convenient place/city . This is a very common thing amongst prospect coppers due to different reasons.
    Everything was assumed to be perfect i.e going just as planned but bam! I found myself in Plateau State.
    This raised fear in the hearts of my family due to the insurgency in the north but if God brought me here for a reason, he will see me through.  
    • EXPLORE Life and its opportunities :In Nigeria, this is the farthest I have traveled.I won't categorically call my self a 'Lagos girl' but i'm very used to the city.Traveling all the way to jos by road with strangers who have now become friends and visiting some
    amazing places is just everything. Did I mention that it's is SUPER COLD in jos? The average weather can be compared to fall/autumn in the UK.
    I'm in love with the weather, I finally get to wear my jackets, sweaters and also layer up.
    All I'm saying seize every opportunity EXPLORE more!!!!
    • FIRST IMPRESSIONS DON'T LAST FOREVER: before you start a debate with yourself or in your head, I'm going to defend that.
    I currently have 3 amazing friends - a lady and 2 guys who I met on my way to jos; we boarded the same bus.
    The first thing I noticed about the 2 guys was that they drank energy drinks until half of the journey and the lady was quite reserved and quite.
    Judging by the attitude of these guys I was pissed off and their first impression of me was - I was fat - which is something I'm used to.
    Now we are friends,they aren't who I assumed them to ne we spend every little break on camp together and our friendship grew stronger even till now i.e after camp.
    • PICK AND READ A BOOK: When asked my hobbies I never respond saying 'reading' because it was not a hobby.Asides reading for school work,reading my Bible and proof reading my blog posts you can't find me reading anything but I buy books.
    I bought two books at the car park before the bus I boarded took off. I read the first one due to boredom and I got hooked to the book. I didn't drop it until I finished reading it. Now I'm thinking of getting more, I'm reading more and i'm learning more.
    Ps: I read motivational books not romance novels( I believe they make you imagine the most impossible things)
    Now that I have shared with you lessons I have learnt lately, I'll like to know what have you been up to? What lessons have you learnt or what are the things you are working on within yourself to develop?


    1. NYSC always sounds like so much fun, I look forward to it and also dread it

      1. Trust me you will enjoy it. It's relatively fun.

    2. NYSC always sounds like so much fun, I look forward to it and also dread it

    3. I don't look forward to it at alllllll! Thank God doctors have it easy there sha.
      Great lessons

      Biko , which of the themexpose themes is this one?

      1. Yes that's true doctors have it easy....

        The theme is outfit dark.

    4. awww... glad you getting used to nysc thingy now. how are you

      1. Me too. I'm coping with Jos....yet to fall in love with the city tho.

    5. Nice tips, I love how your taking everything in stride, may God protect and guide you. I look forward to my turn.

      Princess Audu

    6. Kudos on your hard work, good attitude, managing to adjust and getting things done. It's interesting reading of your NYSC experience and lessons.

    7. I had a different impression of sokoto before I came here but immediately I got in I fell in love. It's not exactly what I expected but I've dispelled stereotype and then I'll be sad to leave next month.
      Enjoy your service year dear.


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