DEAR DIARY| I'm living in fear

As much as we all try to pretend that Nigeria is the best country and make ourselves happy, some places are very insecure and not safe.
I came to Jos not knowing what to expect but really it not beans(easy).
Life is cool, the weather is cool,cold and chilled. I don't remember the last time I saw my own sweat, yeah it's that cold. As I type this my hands and feet are cold. For that reason alone, I prefer jos to Lagos(Lagos is hot!!)
The cost of living here is cheap or rather affordable, transportation is cheap, food is, fruits as well. Jos is close to perfect but the question is why am I scared? If everything seems so perfect.
I really do not want to go through the history of Jos but you can google it and learn  more on this city.
I'm not saying Lagos is a perfect city to live in, Lagos is congested and there's always inevitable traffic but the clear difference is lagos is safe. I can walk into any zone or area not worrying whether it's a place I'm meant to'shiga'(Hausa word for enter) or not.
Christians and Muslims don't live in the same area here in jos. 
I can go to the busiest markets not monitoring time or being worried that there might be a bomb hidden somewhere.
I can come home late ,stay out late , be on the road by 9pm heading home but here in Jos by 6pm, I'm home in my bedroom.
Also here in jos, if I see people gathering to watch something or I see a crowd, I run the opposite direction cos it's a form of attraction for sucide bombers. 
It's a waste of bomb killing one or two people so they aim places where there are congested people. 
Quick confession: I rarely go to church! Read the news churches are blown up every other Sunday. So Abeg na to stay my house pray to God sure pass.
Finally, people rarely turn up on Friday night, Abeg enter your house and dance on your bed.
This was post was influenced by a conversation I had with a friend who asked if I would start a life in Jos. (Clears throat) with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you that I haven't  made a decision yet but I will next year. 
I want to quickly urge you, when you say your daily prayers, pray for Nigeria, pray for the peace of this country, it will do a lot.

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  1. The Lord is your muscle, the bombing is something else.

  2. lol...lagos sha.. don't think ill like to live in lag, it's too wild for me... please checkout my blog....

    1. Thanks for visiting. Will check out your blog Deka

  3. We will pray for Nigeria, hopefully change woukd come in safe dear. God's Blessings upon you!


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