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Have you ever been hit with writers block at a critical  hour? No? Lucky you then. This week for my regular 'dear diary input' I was just stuck, I couldn't write 'cos I had massive writers block. It has never happened to me before, now I can explain if asked what writers block is/ feels like. 
Jos is beginning to look like home for me, I don't have any negative thoughts about this city ,I just didn't  and  still don't feel safe due to the insurgencies. If you read/listen to the news, you will have heard about the twin bomb last in jos last Sunday, now the state's security has been doubled up, military men every where, people are being searched etc. 
Before you ask questions,for me to be typing this and sharing it with you , then I'm fine and alive. 
I lost my new holographic designed purse at a major market called terminus is jos and I got it back😀 can you imagine? Just when I thought that people weren't as nice as before, someone shows me that I was wrong with that thinking. Ps. I wasnt carrying an empty purse😛 I had all my ATMS, cash, I.D cards, business cards etc. imagine losing everything !!!
Setting up oneself in a new city is expensive. I believe I mentioned that I got a 2bedroom flat with my friend, we are yet to figure out the siting room/parlor but my room and needs alone ehn, has cost me quite a lot I can't believe. I feel like I should have spent all that money shopping. Anyway, it's all for a good cause . So I give myself a pat on the shoulder. 
I'm going to get back to filming videos for my YouTube channel soon😀, if you haven't  subcribed yet please do and you never miss a video.
A lot of people complain about how much internet YouTube videos consume, if you stick around a little longer, I'll show you how to watch a YouTube video with less than 4mb....
I'm also kicking off business fully soon. I make and sell wigs just incase you were wondering 😀. I'm super excited , I'll share pictures with you soon and details on how to order. These wigs are available for delivery nation wide so get your orders in.
For my work, I work with National Film institute, it's an amazing place. Film making is a passion of mine  and YouTube is helping me explore that but being able to work with the bosses/lectures and also join in production is everything. I learn a lot every day by just asking questions and people here are nice as well.
I saved the best for the last😊😊😊, I got interviewed/featured on an amazing I feel really honored by this.  
Go check it out.


  1. Hello, and hope you stay safe in the new city and environment. And best wishes with your youtube channel, and business!

  2. wow. You are blessed dear. You are doing great


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