OOTD| In my Sunday best

Hello there beautiful people, 
Sometimes I wonder how people neglect their blogs for weeks/months without sharing anything new/new post but now I have come to realize that 'real life' can be demanding and time goes by really fast.

I have been really busy trying to settling in to jos that I feel my blog is beginning to suffer. For my diary update yesterday, I opened my blogger app on my iPad to gist you on how my week had been and how I'm surviving Jos but I ha 'writers block' 😞 . It felt like a movie,I knew what I wanted to right about but the words weren't coming and it just didn't feel right.
Anyway, by this week I hope things become normal and I'm free of stress. 

I am obsessed with gele, it frames the face and gives an extra glam I tie gele whenever there is an an owanbe party or its a special Sunday.
 I love Ankara, I'm yet to figure out why but I do. The first attraction to this fabric was the monochromatic minimal  design. 
Quick tip: playing with lines like I have done here helps give the define your curve and also give the illusionist a perfect body/figure just case you are lacking in that area.