Body confidence and body positivity are topics that are very dear to my heart. I have mentioned int the past that dealt with depression as a plus size lady and this had great effect on my body confidence. I intend to share with you my journey to this selfless,confident,unashamed person I have become.
Confidence level varies in different people and it can be affected by people,things or general experiences.
I'm a huge believer of fake it till you make it, you might not be 100% confident yet but play pretend or rather pretend to be and you'll find it a comforting zone to be in. Hence, you'll be confident over time.
Here are some of the tips that have helped me and still help me

  1. PLAY DRESS UP: it probably sounds like the name of a game but trust me, it is a quick and easy way to feel fabulous in no time. Also trying out different styles and trend helps you discover your personal style and what works for you and your personality.
  2. GET YOUR HAIR AND NAILS DONE:  Getting a new hair cut or hair style done will not only change the structure of your face but keep you looking fabulous. Have you noticed that whenever you go to an owanbe party with everything on fleek, you just want to show it off, that's 'cos you are confident in what you have on.
  3. WRITE OUT YOUR BEST QUALITIES: Often times, we dwell on the sad things or bad things around us and this can lead to depression or low self-esteem. So take a pen, write down the things that make you a fabulous person and remind yourself that you are God's masterpiece and limited edition.
  4. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE: that is quite easy and self explanatory, If you surround yourself with negative people or people who see no good in themselves or you,they'll kill your happy vibe.
  5. DO YOU BOO!: Blogging makes me happy, its my own little bubble and I'm very passionate about it. Find that unique thing that makes you happy and do it. You'll find that when you talk about it with someone, you'll be super confident


  1. I definitely agree with surrounding your self with positive people. Looking good works too- probability is when you look good, you might feel good and confident.

    Mira La Belle

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    1. You're welcome Chidinma! Thanks for stopping by.


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