When was the last time your read a book? 
Growing up, I was all for reading books, but all of a sudden , it stopped being a habit of mine. I'm sure something replaced it but I just didn't find reading books fun anymore. There was this one time that if I wanted to sleep by force, I would pick a book knowing fully well that it was my catalyst for sleep(covers face) 
It's not a hidden fact that reading culture of people has deteriorated. When I was in camp, something in me sparked my reading culture and since then, there has been no going back. In fact, I met my flat mate through a book conversation at the motor park on our way to Jos. Her fiance forced me into buying a book since I said I hadn't read a book in forever after which I ended up buying two books and one is my current fav.
Like I stated In this post among many other lessons I learnt in camp,reading  a book will definitely change your thoughts, perspective to things gradually you will be a different person without knowing.
I'll like to know, are you a big reader? and please please recommend any of your favorite books or good reads, I'll definitely love to check them out and also read.

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  1. Exactly, reading used to be fun but later it became more of a chore, i hope to start reading again..... let me recommend a book, don't know if you have read it tho "men are from Mars, women are from venus" it's nice too... stay safe!



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