What is your real life goal? not everything #goals

Happy Friday, I hope you had an amazing week. If you didn’t not to worry, its about to get even better.
As some of you already know, I have a youtube channel, if you didn’t; well now you do (winks). On my youtube channel, I discuss a range of topics; you might want to check it out to get the full gist.
Today’s video was inspired by a trend that has been on social media for a while which is #goals and basically it’s a call to action and how that “trend” is making an impact or a change, click play to watch the video.
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Very quickly, I want to address an anonymous comment I got last night on my contouring essential post. First off, I want to say a huge thank you to this ‘anonymous reader’ for taking out her time to write such a honest and genuine comment. For me feedback from my readers is key and I’m happy every time I get one and when its as genuine as that its even better.
Thank you for visitng, reading, dropping comments and sticking around.
Have a wonderful weekend,



  1. You really made a point, nice post.... meanwhile i have been trying to get to you via your contact form but it aint sending, please i really need your recommendatio. Thanx

  2. That video was just too funny to watch. Everything goals #Videogoals lool

    Simply Uneeke


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