3 unique things about plateau people

By now I'm sure we all know how I moved to jos 'cos of NYSC to serve my country if you didn't know, well, now you do. Feel free to read through Damiesdiary archive for the full gist.
 I have met quite a few indigenes of plateau state and they strike me as unquinely different in some aspects.
Let's first of all establish that I'm a Lagos girl,born and breed so middle belt/ northern Nigeria is a whole new world for me. Also, all opinions are mine and are from my observations.
1) plateau people greet, ALOT! : when I started using public transport here, the first thing I noticed was that someone will enter the bus/keke and greet "sanu". When this happened at first, u thought the people greeting each other were friends or neighbors , but alas I have been here for a few months and this official they can greet for Africa.
 Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing and it's rubbing off on me but in Lagos where I come from, no one cares- enjoy the ride and mind your business.
2)They are friendly and welcoming: I can confidently speak for my bosses,neighbors, friends and a few people I have met that are indigenes of plateau. I know every body claims to be nice and welcoming but I feel theirs comes naturally. It's amazing!
3) They are chilled out people and don't rush for anything: ok chill, I think this is the Lagos mentality in me that think this is a big thing but it is. People don't rush for buses or walk briskly in the market they live life jeje out here.Trust me if you are walking super fast or chasing a keke or bus here you will look mad.so just chill out ,it's not that deep

Those are some of the things I have noticed and observed since my arrival to jos,plateau state. If you have lived on the plateau before or you are familiar with people from this state, please share things that makes them unique or things that make you unique as I person, I'll love to know.


  1. Same with Kaduna here.. What about the boys in Jo's.. Talk about the boys nah 😀..

  2. A wonderful post indeed, really insightful.

  3. Am waiting for you to talk about the girls though


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