First off, I want to address my blog disappearance issue. In blogging, its so easy to get caught up in the figures and number from your page views so I try not to check it as much. During the week I decided to check and I saw 0 views for about two days and that hasn't happened since I was a newbie blogger....long story short I'm back now trying to fix my domain and template issue and no its not expired. 
Please bear with me

A huge thank you to everyone who sent me a message asking what happened just within a few days, you are the real MVP.

SO ver the weekend, I attended a party at the wildlife park put together by the NYSC band. It was extemely fun and by far the best weekend I have had in Jos yet.It was a touch of white party and just at the last minute I switched my skirt for a jean 'cos it was quite cold.