October is showing amazing signs and I'm enjoying it every bit of the way. Ever since my move to Jos, I have been more aware of my choices, my plans, my next step and my future. Its surprising how different I feel. Ok, before this begins to sound like a testimony, I want to quickly share with you some lessons I have learnt over the past month.

   -People are watching, you might want to keep them entertained. 
     -Saving is key.I'm learning now and it feels amazing. 
   -Friends will come & go & that's okay. The real ones will remain always.
   -Losing weight isn't the answer to gaining body confidence.
  -Do what makes you happy. #doyouboo
   -Learn a skill or get a side hustle
   -Buy in bulk it will save you a lot.
   -Get out and explore. Life has a lot in stock.
   -Family is everything.
   -Do it yourself aka D.I.Y, its productive and saves you money.
Very soon I'll share with you how I learnt some of these lessons the hard way, how I'm living by them and why you should do the same. Please share with me, what is that lesson that life has thought you or is teaching you?I'll love to learn from you!


  1. Nice one damie.. very inspiring!

  2. "before this begins to sound like a testimony" lol. Nice inspo Damie :)

    1. Abi now Maggie, it's not testimony tome yet. Thanks, you are a darling!.

  3. The tip about friends coming and going is one everyone needs to learn. As for m these I have learnt patience these past few months, things will fall into place when it's time and I try to remind myself that all the time.
    Princess Audu

    1. I absolutely agree with you Sarah, people hold on to parasitic friendships for too long.
      Thanks for sharing,things do fall into place at the right time.

  4. Learnt too to buy in bulk and think deep before making a purchase. Cos living on your own is really diff from living with your parents.
    I've missed your posts. Had to go google your name

    1. Living in your own is real life!! Glad you find my blog again Aminah.

    2. Living in your own is real life!! Glad you find my blog again Aminah.

  5. I love your blog a lot! Your content is amazing, I totally agree with what you said. Losing weight is not the key to body confidence.


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