As a plus-size blogger, I get questions from my amazing blog readers asking how I stay positive and happy about my size and body.In response, the first question that pops in my head is " why shouldn't I?"
As humans, we all have insecurities, things we are not happy about and things we are not confident about its only normal. our ability to embrace our bodies or personalities with our insecurities is what is called self love. You love yourself with all your imperfections.
I remember this one time when I was in junior school, I didn't like how I walked 'cos all my friends were slim and tall and they walked like models on the runway. I decided to change how I walked so I could fit in. In no time I practiced a few walking postures and I picked one. When I was walking with my friends I felt like a model, little did I know I was walking like a horse running of track. Trust me, it was that bad,they noticed and laughed at me.
The road to self love/body confidence isn't an easy one as there are ups and down but hopefully with some of this tips you will start your journey( if you haven't) and realize that there isn't a better version of you out there.

Surround yourself with positive people
This is very important in everyone's growth as an individual. For a lot of people family is the best option others friends or spouses. I personally believe there some sad people who are so sad and want to see others walk in that path with them hence they begin to tramp on peoples confidence and bring them negativity. Having a support system to help you is very important.
Its also important you have someone/people you can talk to or a form of role model.
Good vibes only, don't anyone take away your smile.

Stop comparing yourself to others
If I didn't compare myself to my slim friends, I wouldn't have made a fool of myself walking like a horse.
As humans(I just like the word) we tend to compare ourselves in everything and to everyone. We compare your clothes,hair, accomplishments, lifestyle, post pregnancy bodies, gadgets, the list is endless. Comparing yourself with someone can be good if its for success or for achievements but when its envious or it has a hint of jealously, then there's a huge problem.
Its very important that you begin to dwell on things that make you a unique person and develop them and stop wasting time comparing.
 You are unique in your own way

Focus on your good side
We  have celebrities and celebrate them because they have found their good sides or talents and they are developing this aspect of their lives hence making them unique. Imagine if  Kevin Hart sat home all day worrying about his height or Adele worried about her size. 
This insecurity is a piece of  you not the whole of you, there are many unique things about you so find those things out and develop them. 
Be you boo!



  1. Wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing Dami! I like the last tip - we will remain where we are if we only focus on things we can't change - focus on good side.

    1. Thank you, I think it's important people understand their value

  2. Be you boo! I love that. You've shared very candid truths. Funny how my new blog post is similar to yours! :)

    1. Awww, read your blogpost too. Amaze-balls

  3. I am so glad that you shared this. This is so true. I like the idea of being surrounded by positive people, this is something that I am working on right now.

    I also have a post on self love. My blog is basically dedicated to self love. I have it scheduled for Friday, that is such a cool coincidence to me. I feel like sometimes in blogsphere, we all go through the same things that end up inspiring our writings. Nice points.


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