Its been a while since I opened blogger or even wrote a blog post, life has been happening.
If you follow me on social media- @damiesdiary you'll have seen that even though I haven't been blogging, I have been creating content for my youtube channel. Feel free to check out some of the videos and also subscribe.
Its harmattan season already here in Jos by that I mean there has been no rain for about a month and  its getting freaking cold( not like it wasn't before). That's just a quick update from Jos I might go shopping for jackets,boots and jumpers tomorrow.
Now lets gist  about the things I get excited to do daily,

Fetching water from the well : Don't give me that look just yet, let me explain or rather defend myself. Where in live in Jos is rocky hence no water. At the end of my street (can't pronounce the name) there are three wells that serve the street. One well dried up last week leaving 2, the struggle to get water is real. There's always a qeue with at least seven 25litre kegs to each person.
I'm not excited to draw water from the well or even carry it up to my flat but the drama that goes on around the well is one that even Africa Magic can't offer.

Morning exercise: Fetching water everyday or rather every two days is what I call my morning exercise. I'm sure my mom (who reads my blog) will be shocked when she finds out I carry two 25 litre kegs of water at once.
As a fresh ajebutter, carrying water isn't my thing but when it requires ajebutter will turn to ajekpako.
I gradually started with a regular 15 litre bucket , I added another bucket, the graduated to over 30L big bowl and now I carry 25L kegs. 
Now tell me that isn't exercise!

Filming YouTube videos: At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself with my youtube channel looking back now, I haven't done much let alone achieve my goal.
One setback I had at home was generator noise everywhere but now , when I'm ready to film I film( except when my neighbour decides to play his trumpet).
I enjoy filming videos, Its like blogging it makes me happy and its therapeutic for me.

Christmas and my birthday: I know its a month away but I'm very excited about December.  As much as I enjoy telling people I'm 20 years old ( which I am) I love their reactions its always priceless then they say " I thought you were  24". I  just want to celebrate with friends,drink and twerk ( I know I won't).
I also look forward to the Christmas as I have a lot of things planned for the season- events, birthdays and travels.
We can't forget the food, asun, chicken and drinks especially palm wine. #ican'twait

My family: Spending time with my family/people I love is  something I long for. I have been here for a while now and believe me when I say this is the longest I have stayed away from home.
My baby sister is growing so fast and from recent pictures she's growing tall too( for her age) she might be the tallest of us all. My cousins are getting married here and there and I'm not there to catch the bouquet.
I just can't wait to get home sha, I'm counting down my days and I'm excited.



  1. I love your youtube channel. Great tips. I haven't fetched water in a while so I can just imagine what you are going through.

    1. Thanks dear! I just can't wait to stop fetching water.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hahaha, Damie I totally understand the struggle with the YouTube videos. My neighbor's gen is only on when I want to film and so had to fashi the YouTube and focus on the blog. You really look older than 20 o! Hey! ( Happy that I'm older). Nice post.

    1. I always appreciate constant Nigerian based youtubers 'cos I understand the perks.

      See babe is excited to be older, no wahala nah!

  3. You definitely have me at Christmas!!!i love Christmas so much i don't even know why! Brthdays are Bleh... too much pressure jor. did i mention i like your blog?

  4. i love christmas as well. love the compilation, i miss fetching water from the well haven't done it in years.


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