Its been a while we did this on the blog. If you are new to my blog and you do not know what the segment "on repeat" is all about  click here to find out more.
I heard this song first on the radio and immediately fell in love with it. I really do not know how long the song has been out but while I can allow me play it all day.
When I rave about a song or when I'm obsessed with a song, I like to share the things I like about the song. First off the beat....its just chilled out and relatively relaxing( ko gbagidi). Next will of course be the lyrics Its just a song appealing to God with all his requests.
If you haven't listened to Pickup by Adekunle gold,click to listen here  and watch the official video here
 If you know the song already, please share your thoughts with me. what do you think of the song?


  1. Agreed! I love the song as well. The lyrics and beat definitely won me over. His voice isn't bad either ;)


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