Choosing a good blog name that you will not regret when your blog become somewhat popular can be challenging as you want to express yourself and be as creative as you can. Its alright not to have a very good name at your first trial, you can always rebrand.I  didn't start of my blog as Damie's Diary, it started as chubby talker but one day I asked myself, if I wanted to be know as that 6yrs down the line.....hence my rebranding to Damie's Diary.
Lets answer basic questions that will guide you to choosing the right blog name

  1. What is your blog about?: your blog title should be able to give the reader an idea or a perception of your blog.
  2. Who are your readers:  Every blog should have its own unique audience. If you can spot yours at an early stage then good. Knowing your audience will help you know how to relate with them and how to catch their attention.
  3. What is your blog tone: If you write in a funny/personal style, you want to choose names that are subtle or somewhat have humour around them. 
  4. Draw inspiration from similar blogs: This is very explanatory, check out other blogs in your niche and study their names.If they all have a similar theme around them, you can incorporate that into your blog name.
  5. Write down blog names : Once you have gone through the processed above, begin to write down blog names/ideas. You can write as many as you want, twist words and even try different languages.Do not choose a blog name yet, sleep over this one and take your time.
  6.  Its time for elimination : Now all you have to do is eliminate these names until you find the one that strikes to you.
TIP: When in doubt just use your own name e.g 

Question of the day: What is your blog name /url and what inspired the name?

ABOUT BLOGGING WITH DAMIE: This new blog series is aimed at answering questions about blogging, how to be a better blog, mistakes to avoid and lots more. I'm excited to share with you things I have learnt through my years of blogging and I hope you are too.
Do you have any question for me or are there topics you'll like for me to talk about? drop them in the comment section or send me a mail "


  1. This looks good.
    Hey,I've been following your blog for a while now and I would definitely be looking to see the tips you have for we newbies.
    Maybe you could share how your first months went?
    Great job here!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm pretty excited to share as well. My first month sounds great,will work on that.

      Thank you for stopping by

    2. Nice. I hope my name is ok.


    3. if your blog name/title is your personal name, its perfect. Thanks for stopping by.


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