The song I have on repeat now is sorry by Beyonce while I sip my fav. drink....zobo. I'm pretty sure you didn't need to know that but I just thought to share. 
Today, I'm reviewing my new year resolution and I urge you to do the same. I am pretty late 'cos I had plan to do this in july but its better late than never they say. 
First off, lets establish that I am not a huge fan of resolutions , I kinda like to take things as they come and put my all.I also write down short term goals and work towards them. I published a blogpost on my resolution here click to read it. 
Over to my review, I have said yes to a lot  opportunities, friendships, business opportunities that I am super happy and eternally grateful for. The power of writing things down will save your life.
In this post, the one thing I want you to note down or take from this blog post is write down plans and vision watch things grow slow and steady.


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